National Scrapbooking Day Mini Kit & Blog Hop

To celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, I’ve released Crafternoon – The Mini Kit. My Sunday afternoons are for whatever arts and crafts project catches my eye at the time.



And the first weekend the kit is on sale, you’ll get the journaling cards free with purchase.

Link Expired

There’s a matching set of journaling cards on my Facebook page too!

Lucky Together

What’s this – a new kit – I just think those elephants are the cutest thing ever, and I am just so into those doodled flowers right now.  I’m excited I finally got this finished and can finally share it with you.




Check it out here


Yay journaling cards – and for the first weekend they’re on sale, if you buy the kit, you’ll get the journaling cards for free.


Check it out here

Celebrate April – Arbortum

Hello April – it may or may not be spring here (although in New England, spring is just barely over freezing) and to celebrate that I bring you Arboretum.

An Arboretum, for those who don’t spend their spare time looking up random words on (yeah, I’m a nerd, get over it) is a place where trees grow.  This kit was named for my habit of drawing trees when I’m supposed to be taking phone messages.




Celebrate March??? – Whoops

Kinda missed celebrating March – with it being tax season and all, I tend to let those things just go.  It’s not so much about Celebrating as it is about Surviving.

Let’s call this a busy season hiatus.  I’ll be back to celebrate April (after the 15th of course, lol).

Hope to see you on the other side.