New Release and Blog Hop!

I was having a bit fun this week with black and white this week with a kit that a little bit Halloween inspired and a little bit rock inspired.





And it’s Digital Scrapbooking Day this weekend, which means Sale! and Blog Hop!  Check out With Love Studios; we’ve got lots of fun stuff happening over there too.


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The elements to this kit were giving away during witching week and the alpha was given out in my newsletter.  You’ll be able to pick up any part you missed in my store next week.

New This Week – Little Miss Harvest

Remember when I used to get things done on time and my Lovely Colors pieces actually came out on the first of the month – yeah, it might be too far back for me to remember too, lol.  I’ve just given up the ghost on this set and am selling it as a full collection instead of in pieces.  But the thought is the same, all fun, all fall.


New – School Daze

I was thinking about back to school time this week as we started play rehearsal (yes it is that time of year again).  I was planning on doing a school kit this year, but it’s amazing what comes out of you when you let inspiration come out of you.





Little Miss Documentarian

It’s lovely colors time again…but first, let’s just pretend for a minute that it’s not fall yet.  It’s come too soon!

My favorite things about this collection are those typewriters and (of course) the word art.  Especially the Workspace Wednesday one – I’ve been taking pictures of what I’m in the middle of on Wednesday all year and it’s a pretty cool collection of “why can’t you ever keep a desk clean?” lol